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An Actual Update

So I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro, and in the time it took me to get the device, add in all my new stuff, migrate everything over, establish a new backup system, and contend with school work, this blog ended up becoming very neglected. It didn’t help matters much when I logged on from Safari and realised none of my fonts were working properly.

I believe I have now solved the font issue (woff files vs woff2 files), and I have completed all the setup of this system, including getting my ruby workflow transitioned. So, in theory, we will be able to get back to the good stuff here shortly.

I have recently joined a small game development startup with some very talented people, and was berated into using C++ for the game by the way this particular industry works, so you can expect some future posts about my frustrations with developing a cross platform game engine in C++.

The goal, for now, is to do the following:

  • Write a post on backup software evaluation, and why I went with the software I did go with.
  • Finish up the Icinga2 Tutorials that have driven quite a lot of traffic to this page.
  • Write some stuff on game design.

So we will see how that works out. As always, thanks for reading.

P.S. I have decided that I don’t really like having analytics on this page, so over the next few days I am going to root through the code and remove them. Thank you for your patience.